fact vs. fiction

July 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

10 Things You Want Outta Life:
1. happines
2. a puppy best friend
3. a job that i enjoy and pays the bills
4. healthy
5. love and support for all
6. a wonderful family
7. home with a wrap around porch
8. to sleep in and stay up late
9. work without time constraints
10. to die with a smile on my face

9 Musicians/Bands You Love:
1. fleetwood mac
2. she & him
3. the killers
4. bob dylan
5. ingird michealson
6. rolling stones
7. queen
8. daft punk
9. avett brothers

8 Things You Do Everyday:
1. shower
2. check some blogs
3. kiss my mister
4. make a to do list
5. have ONE beer, never more than that, unless its the weekend :o)
6. read
7. organize something
8. cuddle

7 Things You Enjoy:
1. crafting
2. taking naps with the mister
3. watching movies
4. reading
5. cameras
6. collecting things
7. writing short stories of fiction and non fiction

6 Things That Will ALWAYS Win Your Heart:
1. sense of humor
2. cleverness
3. tea
4. holding hands
5. ear for music
6. sense of adventure

5 Favourites: (Right now)
1. Movie: heathers
2. Song: i and love and you avett bros
3. Book: a river runs through it and other stories
4. Food: shrimp shread and wheat thins
5. Season: autumn especially october

4 Smells You Enjoy:
1. new books
2. leather
3. the misters shirts
4. cookies in the oven

3 Places You Want To Go:
1. sweden
2. austria
3. new zealand

2 Holidays You Love:
1. easter
2. christmas

1 Person You Would Marry On The Spot:
my mister

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