another week, another cup of coffee

September 13, 2010 § Leave a comment


I’m having one of those mornings. No matter how much coffee i drink, i just cannot get it together.  Furthermore, my days are becoming a bit more hetic. This week is not terribly busy, yet it will be enough to keep me awake for looooong hours.
-discuss the ending of true blood. i just started watching this year. which means, i didn’t have to wait an ENTIRE year for the next season. however, Eastbound and Down comes back soon; this will hold me over until then. not to mention my bbc show ideal is on and this new broadwalk empire. i dont watch much tv, but the shows i do are addiction.
-figure out a budget for the next two months. my car insurance bill came. yikes!
-work on reading my “how christ said the first mass” for my 4 goals
-possibly start to work on some of my other 4 goals…like that yoga one…
-finish a few household things: upload more music for my ipod, tidy up a bit, laundry, cooking for dinners next week
-im changing my hair color on friday! i havent died my hair in years, and then this summer i thought i would try being a blonde. i liked it. but now i am going to try to be a red head-ish. well see.

any busy week plans for you?


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