get out of jail free card

October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had a nice relax weekend after some trouble. I took Friday off of work to clean, however my apartment was cleaned earlier in the week by my wonderful sister. I still decided to take a personal day and just get some little things finished. I went to the post office and sent a little pick me up to a friend that has been having a rough week. Her oh so cute son has been teething and being anything but adorable for her. After that I did homework, cooked a bit, started watching Sister Wives. Yes, I am one of those people that cannot stop wanting to learn more about polygamy in religion. Had a yummy apple and peanut butter sandwich and waited for my Mister to get off homework. I made him a little plate of food and then we chit-chatted for a bit til it was bed time.

My Saturday morning didn’t start out to be so relaxing. I woke up at 8am, hoping to sleep in, and told the Mister to have a good work day. My padre was at my apartment changing my air filters when he discovered I had a flat tire. About a week ago a new light came on in my car warning me about something. Being a girl and having NO car knowledge, I turned to the book. It look similar to the “check your brakes” light. So I planned on getting them check in a week or two. Turns out that little light was telling me I have low tire pressure. I had been driving on a flat tire for roughly a week. Yes, I am a female. Yes, I realize this was dangerous. After my father and AAA changed my tire, I was off to get my tire plugged. You could see the little nail that was in my tire, so I was hopeful for a quick fix. Luckily it didn’t take long, after I drove to four places…finally finding one that was open. The nail that was in my tire was what the Mister called a “concrete nail.” I don’t know the names of nails, but it reminded me of the nail I got at Bible School when I was young that showed the type of nails that nailed Jesus to the cross.


It was odd, but I am EXTREMELY thankful I didn’t have a blow out.

I finally got to go home,  to start some studying for a Midterm and wait for the Mister again. My sister came home with the movie “Robin Hood” for me. Russel Crowe, oh I love him. Source

I didn’t want to start that movie without the Mister, so my sister and I began to make dinner for the three of us. Dinner was good, from what they say. It was bacon, cheeseburger and rice dish. I don’t eat red meat, but they love it. So I made myself a sandwich. Afterward, the Mister and I began Robin Hood, but ended up not finishing it to opt for red wine and some electronic Monopoly with our friend Darren that lives above us. We didn’t start playing til 1130ish and the game continued until 3am. This is actually one of the shorter games of Monopoly I have played, but then again it was only 3 of us playing. I lost. The first one to go bankrupt. The Mister won though! Needless to say, the weekend was really relaxing, and I did sleep in today.

What did you do this weekend?


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