101 things about me. the first 25

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

This was a lot harder than it looks. I managed to do it. It wasn’t easy, but it was still fun.

1. I have a fear of semi-trucks.
2. I think my opinions change a lot more than the normal person.
3. I have an inner monologue going all the time.
4.I like to pretend that I am dreaming a lot. It makes difficult times easy. I just imagine waking up and everything being ok again.
5. I get restless often and easily.
6. I am a beginner at many things and a master of nothing.
7. I really like my name…the whole name. I do think it sounds pretty together, but my first name by itself sounds awful to me.
8. My handwriting changes depending on my mood.
9. I don’t think I can honestly say what my passion is, and it doesn’t bother me.
10. I think that I am going to die from a freak accident.
11. I would rather watch a documentary than a regular movie.
12. I can honestly say that I didn’t have any issues or troubles during my childhood.
13. I prefer reading memoirs over fiction.
14. I love Martha Stewart.
15. It is really hard for me to fall asleep without tv playing in the background.
16. I would say that I laugh less than the average person.
17. I don’t call tissues, “Kleenex”‘s; it is a pet peeve when others do.
18. Sometimes, I eat just ice out of a cup with a spoon.
19. I would rather eat everything with a spoon instead of a fork.
20. I’m very on top of finances and have a fear of not having money for basic needs such as a home, car and food.
21. I would love to learn to cook from scratch.
22. I say the word “just” a lot more than the average person.
23. I love graveyards.
24. I dance around all the time by myself; it’s how I destress.
25. I don’t think we really landed on the moon.


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