part 2

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here is the next bit of information about me. Happy Tuesday!

26. I get a word-of-the-day email every morning; every morning it gets moved, unopened to a word-of-the-day file.
27. I lose things all the time.
28. I laugh at myself all the time. Sometimes, even when I am alone and do something silly.
29. I love to fly.
30. The first thing I notice about people are what they do with their hands.
31. My sister is one of my best friends and biggest enemy.
32. My favorite colors are olive green, brunt orange and mustard yellow.
33. My favorite book is “Ordinary People” by Judith Guest.
34. My favorite author is either J.D. Salinger or Juniot Diaz, depending on the weather.
35. I love to make lists.
36. I get excited about office supplies or school supplies, actually just any time I am in Office Depot.
37. I prefer shopping for everything online.
38. Sometimes, I want to turn my phone off for a whole week or even a day just so no one can get a hold of me. 
39. I am so use to going to the ER, I kind of enjoy it now.
40. I never wish to be shorter, but I don’t want to be this tall. I really just want to be able to wear cute heels and not be sooo tall.    

41. When I am in school, I am a hard-core night owl. All the time, even when I do not have homework. But as soon as I am out of school for either the summer or for good, I sleep all the time.
42. I didn’t cry at my grandfather’s funeral. But I cried at the other funerals I have gone to.
43. I am tired of beach vacations; I want a vacation in the mountains.
44. I want to live somewhere were the weather is never hotter than jacket weather and the winters are very, very cold.
45. I cannot remember my work number ever. For every job, I could never remember the work number.
46. I only have 5 numbers memorized.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          47. I break out really bad on my face when I am stressed out.
48. I am really bad at stress and handling it in general.
49. I don’t have a favorite food…well maybe sweet potatoes.
50. I do have food picked out for an entire day: Breakfast-big omelet or that breakfast bowl from bob evans, some fresh fruit with it and a small waffle. Lunch-sushi and oriental salad. Snack-spinach casserole. Dinner-Mexican.

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