part 3!

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have been having a terrible time getting up in the morning this week. Fall break for my university is Monday and Tuesday; I will have work and lots of research to be done at the Law Library those two days. It will be a busy weekend, and I wouldn’t get to sleep in.


I begged the Mister to let me skip night class last night and come meet me for a drive through a park. I wanted to just lay in the leaves with him. He said no, class is more important. I suppose he is right.

Here are the next 50 things about me!

51. I love planners and color coding for my school exams and bills.
52. I am a cat person.
53. I want a house that has a wrap around porch with a swing so that I can drink sweet tea on the swing during a thunderstorm and beer on hot summer nights.
54. I only know how to knit scarves. Shhhh…don’t tell anybody.
55. My first cd was TLC’s “Crazy. Sex. Cool.” I loved it. And I still owe it.
56. I used to want to be a fly girl on “In Living Color.”
57. My all time favorite band is Fleetwood Mac. And then the Spice Girls. I loved their movie.
58. I want to have an acre garden of my own when I get older.
59. I want to can my own jams, fruits and various other items….from my garden.
60. I want to be a stay at home mom. I need to work on having kids though before this can happen. 

61. I don’t like regular M&Ms very much at all…just the peanut ones.
62. I feel lost a lot, but it is a good lost, an adventurous lost.
63. I am more scared of heights than spiders.
64. I have never been in a snow ball fight.
65. Sometimes when I fish at my parent’s ponds, I start to cry because I think of my grandfather.
66. A lot of the time, I think I have made more mistakes than most people.
67. I am a slow reader.
68. Sometimes reading is really hard for me. I struggle a lot with just reading novels or newspaper articles. I am really ashamed of it though.
69. I could eat a salad every day and never get tired of it.
70. Dairy Queen ice cream cakes are my favorite.
71. I want a pair of Tom’s shoes because I think they are cute. Only now, if I get them, I am a hipster.
72. There are days where I wonder if I am not a closet hipster.
73. Panera Bread is where I got any time I am sick. No matter how bad I feel, I treat myself to Panera Bread. This is the only time I get Panera Bread.
74. I sleep with a lot of pillows, yet even when I sleep I only use two. I just like to have them there. I like to feel completely surrounded by something when sleeping.
75. I think alphabetizing things are really fun.


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