part 4: the rest of the story

October 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

76. Making to-do lists are fun and sometimes I get everything finished. Yet, I have found that if I make a seasonal to-do list, I get more finished.

77. I take extremely hot showers.

78. I have these scars on my knees from when I was in a race with a boy. He pushed me because I was beating him.

79. Now that I am older, I don’t mind being called by my nickname…Leigh-Leigh. (pronounced: lee-lee)

80. I think hugs are really meaningful.

81. I never like to be late, but typically do run at least 10 mins late….even though all my clocks are fast.

82. I want to plan weddings. For other people.

83. I want to take dancing lessons before my wedding.

84. I will probably pass out before my wedding because everyone will be staring at me.

85. Although I did a lot of drama and plays growing up, I almost always passed out or broke out in hives right before taking the stage.

86. As a kid, root beer floats were our treat during the summer.

87. I am really bad at explaining this to people verbally, but writing things down is cake.

88. I never eat a piece of my own birthday cake.

89. I don’t like closed doors unless its my bedroom.

90. I want to paint more. And be good at it.

91. A year ago, my dream job was to be a personal assistant. Now that it has been a year with a job of being a personal assistant, I think I was crazy a year ago.

92. My voice naturally projects…it’s from years on the stage.

93. I actually starred in my first play at the age of 5. It was for my school and we went to other schools and performed it.

94. I wanted to stay performing, but my parents made me get a job and told me it was a useless dream.

95. I actually use to sing, and sing well. I even had voice lessons. Now, I don’t actually try when I sing.

96. I wish someone would send me mail. I like to send my friends little snail mail letters, but no one ever writes me back. sad faces

97. Actually,a friend and I use to be pen pals, like a year ago, before actually hanging out together in person. We became close through snail mail.

98. I don’t like driving, but do it all the time.

99. I love smoking. A lot. (Yes, I know it is bad for me.)

100. I hate talking on the phone. Hate it. But I got told I was being a bad friend for not talking on the phone often to them. So now, for my girlfriends that live far from me, I try to make it a point to call them each once a week or every other week.

101. As soon as I get up from sleeping, I like to eat.


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