care packages

October 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Recently, a good friend of mine, Justin, moved on me. He went back to be with his family. Due to school and lack of money, I had to miss his 21st birthday. I was extremely upset about this. So, in the spirit of my wine, knitting and Project Runway nights with him, I sent him a little belated birthday gift via care package. I made a scarf for him. I sent it yesterday; today, I got a text and a picture from him saying he got it!

I tried on the scarf before I sent it. It seemed to fit me perfect. I crossed my fingers hoping he would like it.

I sent him a cute little card telling him how much I missed him. Justin has one of the biggest hearts out there. No matter what, he will be there for anyone. The first time I met Justin, I realized how much of a sweetie he truly is. His kindness fills up a room. He does not judge anyone and will be at your house in a heartbeat if you need some wine and a good cry. Not to mention, he is a fashionista all the way! I am so glad he liked his gift and cannot wait to see him again.

Doesn’t he look fabulous in it?


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