the z bar

October 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

I hadn’t left my house in almost a month for various reasons. Well, I left my house for work, school and to go to the grocery. I don’t really count that though. Actually the last time I saw a friend was the photo shot with Katie, so it hadn’t been a month. Either way, I was getting cabin fever and told the Mister three weeks ago, haha, that we were going out. Tell all our friends (there’s a rapist in lincoln park). I was happy to see faces I hadn’t seen in months. Not to mention, it was so awesome to look nice instead of just yoga pants and a Jack Conway t-shirt. I think the Mister probably liked this as well.

My dear, dear friend Alyson. She split two beers at two different places. Notice the wet spot on her man Adam’s pants. This was the reenactment.

Minus that we had been drinking for a few hours, I say the Mister looks decent.

I was a bit upset that the bar was at capacity and would not let my dear Justin in to hang out with us.  Over all, it was a good night. It ended with 5+ friends at my house and lots of good conversations.

PS: the 14 yr old girl in me needs everyone to know that T. Swift’s new cd came out today. The Mister told me it was 400$ at Best Buy so I would not buy it.


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