apples and an exocrism

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

While the Mister worked this weekend, I was productive at home. I woke up early to go to Auto Zone, alone. This actually made me really nervous. I had the Mister write down exactly what I need for a tune up and brake change. I was still completely lost in the store and frantically just handed my list over to a guy behind the counter. I soon left with everything I needed for the Mister to make my car run smooth again.

I then began the process of making candy apples! I have never attempted to do this, so I was experimenting.

I used M&M’s, coconut shavings and chopped walnuts.

They didn’t turn out very pretty. I have been the only one to eat one. It tasted better than it looks. However, that is not convincing enough for the Sister and Mister.

I soon sat down to begin relaxing and reading when one of my very besties, Alyson and her man Adam stopped by for a visit.

Alyson and I have this thing were we just randomly buy each other gifts. There is no real reason except we see something that the other would love and get it. Over the years I have acquired amazing vintage items from Alyson. Saturday was just the same. She came with a gift for me of this very pretty and subtle detailed shirt.

The design on the shirt was very pretty. On some of the flowers, there was beading. I loved it! The three of us chit-chatted of a bit til they left to get ready for Halloween but not before grabbing a candy apple.

I got to end the night with the Mister falling asleep on me after a good dinner, a few beers and the Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was a quiet Halloween, but it was what I needed.

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