beatle fan?

November 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have a love for law. Anything that has to do with the law, I am sucked into it like a fly to honey. It is annoying I am sure to the Mister-especially when I want to watch “Law and Order.” Furthermore, anything regarding murders or mysteries is really neat for me. I know, I am beginning to sound a little crazy person right now.

The Mister found this amazing website filed with documentaries. I am a sucker for the docu. I cannot recall what it is…forgive me. The last few nights I have been watching one a night before bed. The last two I watched were about Charles Manson and his family.

I have always been a fan of The Beatles, (not huge, but I do enjoy them occasionally), but I did not realize that Manson literally believed the songs they were singing told him things. And yes, I never put the “Helter Skelter” together. 

Because of the non-stop talking about The Beatles in these documentaries, I have begun a kick of listening to them. This will probably annoy everyone around me. No one I am around at work or after work is a fan of The Beatles. Oh well.


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