wants and don’t wants

November 11, 2010 § 4 Comments

Yesterday I was sick. I missed work and class. :0(  I also missed Wednesday Wants. But, I do have a desire (as usual).

I have a very special birthday to celebrate this weekend. My good friends, Clayton and Katie, have two adorable boys, Calloway and Ari. Ari is having his first birthday party on Saturday. Not to mention, this awesome momma decorated the invites. They are adorable.  I loved they tree theme of the invites. The invitations themselves have a gorgeous background of fall leaves and the always cute Ari. Love them. I also forgot to take a picture of them. Sad faces. Either way, the invites made me want pretty packages like it sent to me all the time. I get sooo happy about snail mail, especially pretty snail mail.

But what I don’t want is GIANT spiders like this one in my home anymore.

I saw him twice in two days. Not something I want. Not to mention, I am terrified of spiders. I won’t sleep in my room if I see one that really scares me. This guy was too much for me to handle. He taunted me by being in my kitchen, the place I eat people!!, for two days in a row! My sister won’t kill him for me, Mister is out-of-town on work duty til Sunday night.

So, I did what any normal person would do, I trapped him in a jar for someone else to kill when they get home or get tired of that being in the middle of the floor.

Ps: please forgive the phone photos. I am terribly at dumbing photos from my camera on my computer.

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