cookies and war

November 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

This weekend I had lots of kiddos around. From Friday all the way to yesterday when the Mister’s best friend, Derek, welcomed into the world his new bundle of joy and added plus one to his family of three. More on that later.

Friday, I picked up my favorite kids from their school. We were stuck in traffic coming home, but killed time singing “Apples and Bananas.” They shared with me all the fun they had learning how to play BINGO that day in school. When we got back to their house, we decided to eat pizza and make some cookies.

Greatest thing about ready to bake cookies: lack of mess, easy clean up and the kids can help without a problem.

While the cookies were baking, the kids decided we would play some card games. They just learned how to play War and are so excited. After a few games of War and some cookies were consumed, we popped some corn (I know a lot of junk food…but it was a Friday) and snuggled up together to watch the new karate kid movie. It was cute; I enjoyed it. Jessica and Andy don’t like the bullying part. It made them really sad, and they kept calling it the scary part.

Andy called this his “beard of cards.” I told him he fits right in with No Shave November. I don’t think he got my joke.

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