LOL: My Sister

November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment


You are my baby sister and a true friend. Never letting me hear the “sugar-coated” version, you give me the brutal truth. Sometimes it really hurts, and I don’t want to hear it. I know I need it. I need someone as level-headed as you. I need someone who doesn’t listen to their heart but rather their brain to determine important life decisions. Sometimes I take your opinion and apply it, other times I still go with my heart. Either way, you will be there for me. You might not support me, but I know if I need to talk about it, you will be there to listen.

I love to use you as the example of what a true “All-American Girl” is. The genius of your mind does make me jealous at times :0) Not to mention the fact that you care so much about your scholastic because you know how important it is to fulfilling your dream. I, on the other hand, would much rather sleep, eat or watch “Law and Order” re-runs than pass an exam with a perfect score. I am sure you are that one student that kills the curve. With your scholastic, comes your athleticism. Watching you play basketball over the years and growing as an athlete has been so much fun. Constantly challenging yourself, you never put anything but your best into the game.

Through the years, we have gotten extremely close. A lot of this was by force from the parents, but in the end it was rewarding. I look forward to the nights we make dinner, well I make dinner and you assist :0) and we listen to music. I love being able to discuss our life, school and make fun of each others friends without a problem. I have grown to love you more than just a sister but a friend. Honestly, for us this was the hardest thing to overcome. Become friends, not just because we have to, but rather  because we wanted to.

Here is to being the complete opposite of me. I would not have wanted it any other way. The years to come will bring more laughter, more fights and more “we aren’t speaking to each other” moments. I cannot wait.


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