Tryptophan is good

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thanksgiving lets me eat and eat and eat without fear of popping. I do need to find a pair of pants that will let me eat til my stomach explodes though. This year my mom’s family is all coming to town and eating with us. We are going to be having lunch with about 30 people. After a few hours of talking and relaxing, the Mister and I have to run to his aunt’s house for their family dinner. I am excited to get to eat a feast TWICE in one day! Finally, on Saturday, I get to travel to my wonderful aunt’s house to have my dad’s family’s Thanksgiving.

I am desiring the food now. Tomorrow my work is doing our Thanksgiving dinner. We are doing chilli and grilled cheese sandwiches because they think everyone would be tired of turkey and Thanksgiving food. Seriously though, who would get tired of all the good food from Thanksgiving?! Oh I cannot wait. Fingers crossed that there is sweet potato pie at someone’s dinner…I want all things Thanksgiving…





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