November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am thankful for: my friends are my family, my family can have a laugh together, I get to eat a few times during Thanksgiving, the support from loved ones, my Mister, the roof over my head, my girls, my health, my job and everything in my life that makes me smile.

The Mister and I had a successful, but busy Thanksgiving weekend. He enjoyed the Wednesday before off work while I enjoyed my work and my law firm’s Thanksgiving potluck. It was nice to have everyone I work with sit down to a longer lunch full of yummy food. We had grilled cheese and two types of chili.

That night, the Mister and I headed over to some close friends’ house for a Thanksgiving dinner with friends, drinks and poker. I was so happy to see some friends that came in from out-of-town and others I don’t get to see often. The spread was good and the talks even better.

Thanksgiving day was filled with my family’s lunch and the Mister’s at dinner. We both had family come into town-mine from New York and the Mister’s from Alabama. We ate too much, played some games and took lots of family photos. The two of us drove home through some snow and rain and quickly fell asleep. The next morning we enjoyed a day of fast food, trashy day time tv and some extra sleep. It was nice to not deal with Black Friday shopping (we did this one year and will not do it again) and sitting on the couch for 10 hours.

Overall, I think Thanksgiving was successful.


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