LOL: Lindsey

December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I met Lindsey my sophomore year of high school. We immediately became fast friends. Whether it was skipping out on her swim practices, sneaking into movies or breaking into my cousin Billie’s old house to go swimming at night, we had a blast and would leave with our ribs hurting from laughter.

Lindsey had that girl next door charm and was a fish out of water. She was able to swim her way to a full ride to Eastern Michigan University. While at EMU, she helped bring her team to MAC (Mid-America Conference) Champs, made life long friends and meet her future husband. I was able to visit her several times while up there and left each time crying in the car. Eight hours away got to be tough to handle, but in the end it made our friendship that much stronger.
She has spunk and attitude that no one else can top. Although sometimes she might be called a bitch, it is just Lindsey giving it to you straight forward. 
(She is actually one of the least judgmental people you will ever met.) She doesn’t “church” things up and is tough as nails. We have gone through some TERRIBLY tough times together and have always come out hand-in-hand. Through the years she has become more of a sister to me than anything else. We fight, complain and yell at each other, but at the end of the day we say what needs to be said whether it be “im sorry” or “this was silly” and we move on. I have watched her blossom and grow into someone who I am proud of. Her career choice is amazing (teaching special needs children) and her ultimate goal of having a career and family makes me jealous. Her energy is over-whelming. She has already done amazing things with her life and won’t be stopping anytime soon.
After five long years, she is back in Kentucky during a time where I am super busy. Although this breaks my heart that we cannot see each other as much as I would like, (until school is over) I know it is nothing our friendship cannot handle.

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