phone photo dump

December 6, 2010 § 3 Comments

I take a lot of random photos on my phone. I am not allowed an iphone (the mister says no go for our phone plan) because “apple is closed.” (I don’t really understand this, but computer nerds everywhere should.) Because of this, there is not a ton of space on my current phone. I need to dump some photos.

The first snow on my sister’s jeep

It’s officially winter. Starbucks has their red cups out.

This is logan. I love him dearly. He loves elmo. This is how intense he gets when elmo comes on tv.

These are Logan’s kicks. Yea, he is one of the coolest.

This is one of the shelves from the fridge at my firm. I cleaned it. It was pretty gross.

One day at work when I was on the way to the courthouse, I got to watch the tree go up in downtown Louisville.

The Mister gave me this during the summer. He got it in one of those quarter toy machines. The blue man hangs out in my office at work.

This is my computer at work. I really like my screen saver.

§ 3 Responses to phone photo dump

  • Katie says:

    It’s only taken me forever, but I’ve finally convinced Clayton that my next phone will be an iPhone, no questions asked. I’ve not found anything that suits my needs as a Mom. I refuse to use a Blackberry. I do like Clayton’s HTC Android-based phone, but I don’t want it. I want an iPhone.

    And what Momma wants, Momma gets. Keep on trying! 🙂

  • […] As I have said, I take a lot of random photos on my phone. Due to lack of space, I need to dump them every now and then. I have decided once a month I will dump all the new photos I have and give you a little peek into what I see every day or just things that have happened throughout the day that I have not blogged about. […]

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