Bad Santa

December 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

This was week was insane. My birthday was on Sunday, so I did the going out to eat and then have a few drinks. I got a pie from Alyson and Adam along with a really great book and vintage pocket mirror. My friend Hawkins got me a pink tool box set. It was really neat to get a few great things from my friends.
The best part about it was Hawkins hosting an ugly sweater party on Saturday night. I have never had a chance to go to an ugly. I was so excited. I found a great sweater. I didn’t get one for the Mister because at first he said he would not participate and then he later claimed he would have. Oh boys.
(All photos taken by Hawkins)
The party also had a bad Santa ornament game. I didn’t bring an ornament, but Hawkins had one ready just in case. I was able to snag a great vintage kitschy Santa. The night slowly began to turn sour, but I had a few friends that always turn my sad/upset moments to something better.
The next few days were kind of a bummer. This is how things go I suppose. Sometimes you have a great weekend and sometimes you don’t. And then rarely, it happens on your birthday. I just hope Christmas isn’t as disappointing. Either way, at least I know that I will be making a great Christmas for someone else. I go all out when it comes to gifts. It is my favorite part.
One last thing, this adorable child dressed up as a nerd being goofy is the Mister’s nephew Garrison. He turned two on Thursday. Is he not one of the most handsome two year old ever?

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