it happens, LOL: Brittany

December 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last night I received a text from a good friend telling me how she went out with two of her best friends. The three of them hadn’t hung out in awhile, and she told me that she just didn’t have anything in common with them anymore. It got me thinking about the close friends of mine that I have lost touch with. I understand things happen, people grow and what not, but it is still a little sad. I think of it as a natural part of life, growing up and learning about what you stand for as individual and if you want your friends or if your friends even reflect that imagine. I try not to look at it as a sad thing but rather a positive thing. I get to leave the friendship having great memories and someone that touch my soul.

Throughout the day, I received another text regarding the same feelings but from a different person. I kept thinking about it and then I had a long lost friend text me. The funny thing is, not even 5 minutes prior to her text I swore I saw her and her boyfriend. It was odd, but it was something I needed. It has been such a rough two weeks, it was just really nice to hear the voice of a best (and I mean best) friend saying, “I miss you.”

The friend was Brittany. (I find it only appropriate to grant her this weeks “Letter to the Loved.” It almost feels like fate is pulling me towards this. I know corny).

Have you ever just clicked with someone? I mean, immediately after hanging out you two become inseparable? That was Brittany and I. We talked multiple times a day, made others slightly jealous of our friendship and constantly learned from each other. If you couldn’t get a hold of one of us, just call the other.

We went through rough times together. Held each other while we cried, sang waaaay too out of tune to T.Swift, danced a lot to Daft Punk and Brittany Spears and almost died a few times. We traveled often and swapped clothes a lot. Brittany taught me how to be super girly; I taught her how to stick up for herself. We were closer than friends and had a better relationship than sisters would.

This past summer she went through a rough time. I was supportive and carried her the best way I knew how. Things fell apart and she moved. She needed to move, and I understood that. I didn’t think it would be the end of our friendship because we started off as long distance besties. But for whatever reasons, and I honestly don’t care why, we lost touch. She called me today. It brighten up my day, and I am excited to build our relationship back. I am excited to have a friend that will be girly with me, watch trashy tv (I think know the Mister is getting tired of the shows) and to be able to have someone to drink lots of wine with again. I don’t for see our friendship experiencing a gap again. If it does though, things will work out like they did today, and we will be back on track.



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