double LOL part 1: Billie

January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since I am playing catch up this week, I am writing two LOL: Letters of Love. Both of these two women are just beyond belief supportive and interesting. I am excited to tell you all about them.

The first is Billie. She has been seen in many of my posts regarding the shenanigans we get into during the weekend.

Billie has a child like atmosphere to her that makes you want to just protect her at all times. She seems naive, but I am beginning to think of this as a front. She takes on a lot of responsibility in terms of her family and has seen EXTREMELY trying times due to family illness or illness of her own. She has a winning spirit and a heart of gold. Over the years we have grown close, had falling outs, stayed in touch because of family and then came back together. Because of it all, she will forever be a life long friend.

I joke with the Mister about who talks to me more, Billie or him. It might be Billie…she calls or texts at all hours of the day and night. Sometimes I actually wake up to 4 texts from different times that night. It is so crucial for her to have her friends close. Staying connect with friends is vital to Billie. This might be annoying to some of those friends or others might not understand why Billie is so close to her friends. It is truly because she cares. Billie wants to be there for her friends at all times, no matter what. This is not an easy task and many individuals will not put the time and effort into a friendship like that. This is why Billie and I have stayed closed for so many years. She understands I am busy or may just need some alone time (I get into moods where I don’t want to leave my house or see anyone for weeks at a time), but those excuses do not fly with Billie. She makes you go out with her and have a grand time or she just shows up at your house. (Actually, this is a running theme with my friends…they all just randomly show up at my house.)

Sometimes I think I just need to thank my friends. Today, I want to thank Billie for randomly showing up and caring for me so much.


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