really cali?

January 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

As most of you know, I am currently in school obtaining a degree in Paralegal Studies to accompany my degree in English. I have a love for the law that exceeds my desire to lock myself in the house and watch “Law and Order” all day.(Although that would be amazing.) I work for a law firm, and plan to work for a law firm the rest of my career life. I understand that times change, technology enhances and our laws need to be kept up with this, even if it is through interpretation. Also, I am completely aware that once you are arrested, there can be searches made without a warrant, hence the phrase everyone should be familiar with, “probable cause.”

With that being said, California certainly sucks. This is why:

California has ruled that upon arrest, a police officer may search the contents of your text messages without a warrant. Really?? It is enough to deal with fear of wire tapping but now my text messages are subject for review without a warrant. Come on. Although this is just my opinion and I am COMPLETELY aware of the benefits of wiretapping, probable cause and so on and so forth, I just want to be able to have one shred of my privacy private.

Let’s face it people, I can’t even go to the airport now without my goods being viewed by everyone employed with TSA.

I just hope this is not a trend with other states.


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