Take the Back Door to Cahoots

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week was a good friend, (she is also the Mister’s sister-in-law) Alli’s birthday. She had asked us sometime ago to come celebrate with her. The past two birthdays she has celebrated by being pregnant with two adorable boys, Garrison and Maddox. Alli and Matt, the Mister’s older brother, decided everyone would meet up and eat dinner then head to a few bars.

It was an enjoyable group of seven. The Mister and I were only really close to Alli and Matt. By the end of the night though, it was nice to meet new people and enjoy conversations that isn’t normal subject matter with most of our friends. I was enlightened with new humor and new perspectives on life. It was just what we both have needed. New faces to mingle with. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and adore all my friends but every now and then, going to a social function with people you do not hang out with is a nice break from social routine.

The birthday girl and her husband.

It was extremely chilly. The Mister and I had red noses majority of the night.

Cahoots is a bar in my town that has become the Mister and my normal bar when we venture out. We do break our habit and go to a few other dive bars occasionally, however for the most part we stick to Cahoots. The nice part of this, is after arriving to your bar (and after everyone has yelled your name like “NORRRMMM!!”) you run into a lot of old friends. Alli’s birthday was no exception.

I had such a relaxing, fun time. Although it was cold and my belly had been upsetting me earlier that day, I had a very nice time. It was filled with lots of laughter, to the point I cried a few times, meeting new people and seeing old friends. I could not have asked for a better weekend. I believe it was successful birthday for Alli.


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