My day just got so much better.

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

It is snowing in my state, and I have had a wonderful work day. I came back from doing a few housekeeping items at the courthouse to an email from one of my best friends. The email made my day so much better! 

It was amazing to get an email that starts like this, “Words cannot express how much I miss you and being able to talk to you weekly.” Not to mention that I am indeed missing her terribly and am experiencing the same feelings. You might remember hearing about Andi.

I miss this girl like crazy. I do not have a Facebook so wondering if she got to Ireland safely has been on my mind since the day she left, January 1st. She is doing something I am so jealous of, and I cannot wait to hear all about her wonderful adventures. Yet, reality sets in every now and then and slaps me in the face with the realization that it will be about 5 months til I see this wonderful girl again. Hopefully I won’t have any terrible meltdowns prior to her arrival back at the states. She keeps me grounded and sane. Looks like I will be having a glass of wine tonight in her honor (plus she gave me my wine glasses).


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