“Two days a week without food keeps me looking hot.”

January 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

After finishing up “Summer Heights High” I knew I wanted to watch another one of Chris Lilley’s shows. I decided on the next one the Mister showed me, “We Can Be Heroes.” This show is about finding the Australian of the Year. For those of you unfamiliar with what Australian of the Year is, I’ll explain. On Australian Day, a new Australian of the Year is named. Each person must be nominated by their peers for doing something awesome.  This award program was created to promote active citizenship and help to reward the outstanding role models of Australia. Now that you have a little background, here is why “We Can Be Heroes” should be the next show you watch.

Similar to “Summer Heights High,” Lilley uses a mockumentary style to follow the daily lives of five individuals which were nominated for the title Australian of the Year. The show follows these five people while all the way til the Australian of the Year has been picked. Keeping within his signature style, Lilley portrays all five of the nominees, including Ja’mie from SHH.

All five of the characters are from different parts of the country. Through this, Lilley is able to once again bring to the surface different aspects of Australian society. The characters featured are male and female, urban and rural and young and old. The show displays challenges some of them face due to being nominated, as well as the aftermath of achieving something great but sometimes at a greater cost.

The five characters are so well-developed it would take days to explain the importance of each of them. Instead, my two personal favorites will be addressed. Ja’mie is one of them. Besides still being hot, rich and popular, Ja’mie now holds the national record for sponsoring 85 Sudanese children. Then there is Daniel. Daniel donates his eardrum to his twin brother in a world first transplant operation.

This show is just as good as SHH. I loved watching it. Lilley is a genius when it comes to comedy. Everything about each character he creates is perfect. Not to mention that he gives it everything he’s got when he throws himself into the scenes. It is worth checking out.


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