Snow and Cards

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Kentucky experienced its greatest amount of snow this weekend. Due to this lovely weather, I didn’t have class Thursday night or Friday morning. I also didn’t make it into work on Friday. I spent the day watching “American Dad” and reading for school. I also royally messed up my sleep schedule by taking a five-hour nap two hours after I woke up. The Mister woke me up in the middle of the afternoon but the damage was done. Because of this, I didn’t get to bed til 5am on Saturday morning.

Never the less, my busy schedule didn’t care that I lacked the appropriate amount of sleep. Saturday was more productive than Friday to say the least. The Mister and I ended the night heading over to Derek and Carrie’s to chit-chat, drink some PBR and play 500. The Mister won 500 this week win the winning score of exactly 500. Not to mention it is so great to see little Harvey grow and get some girl talk in with Carrie. She basically owned last week and got to return to work full-time with the job she has been eyeballing for awhile now. I could not be happier for her.

Sunday proved to be even more hectic than I planned on. My brother and sister-in-law are going to be having a little boy in March via surrogate. I cannot wait to meet my little nephew, Porter. My sister, mom and I attended one of the many showers Tiff (SIL) has had for the upcoming baby. I love the fact that Tiff still gets to enjoy all the pre-baby events. The spread at this party was delicious awful on my waistline. The Mister will vouch on this, I have a probably snacking too much and never eating an actual meal. It is pathetic. After eating enough for a small army, and wining a gift playing the clothes pin game, I headed over to the Mister’s parents’ house to celebrate his mom’s birthday. Every Sunday we eat dinner as a family after Mass, but this Sunday was better because of the involvement of cake. Yummy.

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