Diamonds make me Scream

February 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

This weekend was an aboslute blast. I laughed until I cried, enjoyed some cheap drinks, worked on my pool game (and the Mister worked on his long game with pool) and overall just enjoyed the company of good friends.

On Friday, I waited for the Mister to get off work and decided to have breakfast for dinner. I was so excited to have waffles and bacon. I think on average we have breakfast for dinner at least once a week. The only problem was that I was using the cheap-o ready waffle mix. I was planning on going to the grocery store the next day and had to work with what I had in the kitchen.

Let me just give you a little disclaimer here before you laugh uncontrollably at me, I had a rough week. I had an even rougher day. So by the time I got off work, I was not going to do anything but drink some PBR that was in my fridge and watch mindless television. By the time I was getting ready to cook for the Mister and myself, I was a good three PBRs in. Now, onto my horrible cooking fascaco. I forgot to spray the waffle maker so the batter won’t stick. The Mister and I got a good laugh out of it, but soon realized that there goes two waffles in the trash, and there is only enough batter for two more waffles. Always having a frozen pizza on hand, I grabbed that for myself and the breakfast for dinner will be for the Mister instead. After taking forever ten minutes to clean the waffle maker, I made attempt two with the cooking spray in hand. Let me just say this, never, EVER buy cheap-o waffle/pancake mix. I seriously did not even get one waffle made for the Mister. He had little slivers of what was suppose to be a waffle. Never one to waste food, he ate it all….and an entire thing of bacon.

By this time, the kitchen was a wreck and Billie was at my house with all three “Scream” films and pink champagne. We both had a rough week and ready to just chill out.

Yes, I know that I sound like the world’s cheapest person in the post due to the PBR, awful pancake/waffle batter and now this “Blush” champagne. But let me clear this up, I have no debt, working on finishing up my second degree and have emergency money. Needless to say, being cheap will pay off in the end people! haha. (but seriously…it does)

The majority of the night was all about complaining, some girl talk (the Mister is such a good sport) and jokes about old memories. After sitting around and enjoying some simple pleasures and the first two movies of  “Scream,” we called it a night and ended up in bed around 1. Not too bad.

The next day was filled with research for myself and work for the Mister. We had planned a double date with Alyson and Adam to a pool hall called Diamonds. I was a little nervous at first because neither of us are very good pool players while Adam played all the time in college. And at the hall, the age demographic was a little bit older than us. Not saying this is a bad thing, but typically this will make beer/drink prices a little more expensive. Either way we had a blast, ate some awful bar food and had so many laughs and Alyson and I got checked out by guys old enough to be our dads.

It was a good night, until the Mister and I got home. Let me give a little background: I live a mile from the campus of UofL. I also live near a bar. However, I have off street parking so it is a really nice set up. Someone was in my parking spot, I assume from the bar, and I was tired of this crap. This happens about once a month. So finally the Mister and I called to have it towed.

We got home a little after midnight and was excited to get to relax and go to bed early. Due to this, we were not in bed til about 330am. Now, normally we are both go-with-the-flow type of people, yet I was fed up. The Mister was fed up. It was not something we wanted to deal with anymore. Needless to say, the guy came looking for his car right when we were heading for bed. The guy was the bar entertainment for the night. Go Figure. (The Mister and I are cool with the bar owner and he actually had a car towed that same night, so this is in no way knocking the bar, just the people that are rude and assume that you can park anywhere.) Oh, my parking spot is directly in front of my door and the porch light was on. So, I am pretty sure it is safe to say that he knew he shouldn’t have parked there. I was brushing my teeth, so the Mister took care of everything for me.

Sunday, my parents stopped by with lunch for the Mister and I. It was nice to eat and relax with them. They never come to my house…literally. The first thing my mom said was, “Oh Leigh, I am so glad your house is clean.” haha. After the lunch the Mister and I went to Mass. I left Mass and hit the books while the Mister headed to his parents to celebrate his dad’s birthday. Busy weekend, but worth every minute of it.

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