Wednesday Wants: My Hobby

February 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

I suppose because it is so late this is not really a true “Wednesday Wants,” but I have not gone to sleep yet, so it is counting in my book. Speaking of books, (for the record, that was totally not planned) my favorite pastime, besides sleeping, is reading. I fell in love with books and writing because of Newspaper in high school and my mentor, Barnett. He was fantastic and also caused my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sadly, I do not have the free time to read for pleasure anymore or watch Buffy. The following books are some I have read, some I am dying to read for the first time, but all of them are ones that sounded like I would love and did a little happy dance when I purchased them. Hopefully you have read the ones I have not and can give me some insight!

Junot Diaz is one of the greatest fiction writers of my time. He is absolutely without a doubt one of the top Chicano writers. I studied Latin American Literature for a while in college and fell in love with his style, mixing of the languages and rawness of characters. This book, Drown, is actually his collection of short stories. Diaz won the Pulitzer Price for Fiction for his novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. He is one of my favorite authors, the other being J.D. Salinger (R.I.P.). I was able to hear Diaz at a book reading hosted by my university, University of Louisville. He signed my copy of Drown for me, and that would be the only thing I grab in case of a fire. Highly, highly recommend him.

I have not had the joy of reading this book, yet I feel this is the best time in my life to read it. This novel is about a father and son duo on a summer bicycle trip across America’s Northwest. Throughout their journey, the two of them begin to make profound statements and question much of life’s basic principles. I am at a place in my life where I am beginning to wonder about the future holds for me as in goals, life aspirations and potential new beginnings in new places. I feel that this book would inspire the right thoughts of mind to force me to actually act upon them. I cannot wait to read it.

I have read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tail, which was hard to put down, and so I felt it only natural to try another one of her novels. I think the most exciting aspect of this particular novel is the fact that she combines science fiction fantasy with gothic drama. Atwood writes a story within a story. She is able to bring three stories together in one concise piece. I am really intrigued on how this is pulled together. I have read the first 20 or so pages, but have not had the chance to finish it because of the start of school.

I got into philosophy for a few months and picked up this little book because of it. The author is known for a constant comical philosophical musings. I grabbed this one in particular for one reason, what the first sentence of the summary on the back of the book says, “Still Life With Woodpecker is sort of love story that takes place inside a pack of Camel cigarettes.” I know, I know, smoking kills…blah blah blah, buuuuuut does that not sound like one of the most interesting descriptions ever?

My spring break is in March; my fingers are crossed that I will be able to read these books. If not, I graduate in April and will be immediately reading. What is on your summer reading list?

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