Mario Matrix

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I mentioned last week, I took a drive to my hometown this weekend to visit with some close family friends. Katie and Clayton just finished re-painting a few of the rooms in their house, and I was dying to see the finished product. I must say, I was so jealous of the steel gray they picked out. It was warm, without being over bearing. The color was not too dark at all because of the large windows in their older home. Plus, Katie picked a sunshine type yellow for their bathroom. I have always loved yellow in bathrooms; it makes me want to get up in the mornings instead of dragging myself into the shower. Other than going to see their home improvements, I just really wanted to visit with them. Katie is such a dear friend, and the Mister and I always have fun with the two of them. The Mister and Clayton are into the same things, so it leaves lots of time for girl talk.

The night was filled with hard cider (yummy!!), hearing all about Katie going back to school!, a Mario Matrix fight that I am still trying to understand?, talking about cable tv and learning how to use my camera a little better. Not to mention a few photo adventures planned soon. It was very, very relaxing and such a great visit. I fell fast alseep when my head hit the pillow that night.

Saturday was a day for me to get things done around the house. I hung photos, did laundry, studied and worked on a legal memo. It was productive, but I was super excited for that night. It was a long needed alone date night. The Mister and I have been trying to see all our friends on a regular basis now, but it seems to be leaving us with less and less time for us. One day we will get to a happy medium between never going out and going out too often. We ordered pizza in, had some wine and beer, watched some trash tv, then “Dinner with Scmucks” (I was really disappointed; the Mister doesn’t care for Steve Carell at all.) and called it a night around midnight. It was an extremely early night for us. That was ok though because Sunday we got up early, made breakfast (eggs, cinnamon waffles and sausage), lounged around a bit, decided to play hookey from Mass (I know, this is bad.) and then head to his family’s house for the weekly Sunday dinner.

My weekend was very chill compared to the next few weeks/weekends ahead of me. I am really hoping the Mister and I can fit in a Valentine’s dinner somewhere soon, or we may end up celebrating Valentine’s Day in March! Either way, this weekend was the calm before the storm.


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