LOL: The Judahs

February 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is a super special Letter of Love. I am writing this letter to not just one person but a couple. This couple is amazing. They are hands down one of the sweetest couples I have ever had the joy of knowing. Don’t be scared of the picture of Judah and I. He was showing that he is not just a sweetheart. Haha.

Now, I am not saying that other couples I know, which are quite a few since I am getting to that age of settling down, are not sweet or lovely. All my other couple friends are great, and I love them. But this couple is different. They are like two teddy bears that you just want to cuddle with all the time. Brittany is a doll. When you see her, you are almost a little intimidated, but then you sit down and talk to her and find one of the most beautiful souls ever-in a monotone voice. Haha. I am not hating on it at all. I love it. You have to really know Brittany to figure out her feelings and tones. She is hilarious in a dry sense of humor way and such a great person for advice. I had the joy of meeting her through her new husband, Judah. (Well, that is his last name, but no one really calls him by his first.)

Chris is just like Brittany, only the male version. He looks scarey, but is so kind and gentle. Not to mention he is sometimes monotoned as well. :0) Both of these two individuals are openly nice to everyone they meet. I have not heard either of them say one mean word about anyone else ever. Let’s be real, everyone talks shit. It happens; you should not get terribly hurt by it because it is something everyone does-except these two. I highly, highly doubt they have ever talked smack, and that is great. I look up to both of them for being so kind and friendly to everyone, no matter their lifestyle. I am jealous of their ability to not talk behind people’s backs. I have taken their example and worked on applying it to my own life. I really learned that the best teachers in life are your friends. These two are the some of the best teachers in my life.


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