“I thought that finding your dreams was supposed to make you happy, not a big douche.”

February 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just finished watching Seth MacFarlane’s new cartoon comedy, “The Cleveland Show.” It is a spin-off of MacFarlane’s huge hit “Family Guy,” focusing on Cleveland Brown and an older and much fatter version of his son Cleveland Jr. TCS is only in the second season so there is not as much character development with Cleveland’s new friends. However, with Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. being part of the FG series, it allows the audience to feel connected with the entire ensemble; so it is not hard to jump right into the series even if you have never watched FG before.


In the first episode, the audience watches as Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. say good-bye to all their friends in Quahog to move to a different city. Although it was only planned for the two of them to stay in Cleveland’s hometown of Stoolbend for a week, the visit becomes permanent when Cleveland is reconnected with his high school crush, Donna. Donna and Cleveland end up getting married. Cleveland Jr. is thrilled to have a new family that includes Donna, Donna’s teenage smart-mouthed daughter Roberta and Donna’s five year-old, street smart son Rallo.


My favorite character is Cleveland Jr. He is sweet, either smart or dumb and overall just a big kid even though he is fourteen. I will admit, sometimes he breaks my heart and makes me want to cry because he is just that kid who always gets picked on. A lot of the times in the show, at the end he surprises everyone and sometimes even saves the day. My favorite scene of all time, and the Mister’ favorite, is the rap battle Cleveland Jr. has with Kenny West played by Kayne West.

Even though MacFarlane’s shows are all about families that are a little different and very unorthodox, I still love that the shows are focused on family life. There are lessons to be learned within all the humor. Majority of the time, it is simply that family will be there for you when the whole world turns its back to you. Maybe MacFarlane isn’t purposely putting this message into his shows, but I do feel like they are there and really enjoy seeing positive family values in a hilarious way.


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