I am failing as a woman

February 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

This weekend was busy, tiring and dirty. My mom’s birthday was on Thursday; she wanted a lemon cake. I attempted to bake one. I am not much of a baker-I would say I am more of a cook. So this is kind of really heartbreaking to know that I cannot make a cake at all. Especially after the waffle situation from last weekend. I just cannot win.

Yes, I started out really positive and excited to be in my kitchen baking my sweet momma a lemon cake.

Yea, that is my oven. Yes, those are cake pans that are over flowing. Seeing as I have never baked a cake, I needed to know how many boxes that are required to make a two layer cake. Two people, that is right, two people at my firm told me I needed to have two boxes for a two layer cake. I put one box in each 8 inch pan. After about 5 minutes of baking I realized the horrible mistake that was taking place. Luckily, my oven did not suffer serious damage.

Thankfully, after calling my father and explaining that I was going to fail as a mother and never be able to make a birthday cake for my kids, but instead have to buy a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, he said he would help me at their house the next day. The finished product was not the most gorgeous thing in the whole, yet it is just like my wonderful mom says, “It might not look pretty, but it will taste the same.” The Mister made me feel better by letting me know that I am only sort of failing as a woman.


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