An Idiot Abroad

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I got to spend a nice Friday afternoon with Billie just relaxing. When the Mister came home, we enjoyed some pizza and hard cider. Early night for all of us. Bed by midnight.

On Saturday, my windshield was replaced, and I discovered Ricky Gervais’ new show, “An Idiot Abroad. (AIA)” It is no secret that I love “The Office.” If you have kept up with society for the past, oh seven years, you would know that Gervais created this amazing sitcom. The Mister and I are huge fans of Gervais. I discovered this little gem of Gervais’ while playing around on my On Demand. In case you are interesting in looking into this show, I found it on the Science Channel.


AIA is so unbelievable funny. Gervais has basically done it again and created a hit. The show is based around Gervais and Stephan Merchant’s, the creators of “The Office,” friend Karl and his adventures to the 7 wonders of the world. On a serious note, this guy is an idiot but a funny one. He is hilarious. Karl has no idea what Gervais and Merchant have planned for him in each of the countries they send him to. He gets a voicemail, normally after he is already elbows deep in camel or firecrackers, (to name a few of his adventures) that lead him on wild goose chases before actually seeing the wonder.  Apparently Karl has no desire to travel the world, which is obvious whenever he makes an “observation” about a new society he is introduced to.

The Mister and I both agreed that this show is a new must watch. Not only do we get to learn about the 7 wonders and the surround countries, but we get to laugh until our sides hurt. His observations are outlandish; his jokes are off-color humor like Gervais. I highly, highly recommend checking it out. I truly think this may be my new favorite but not favorite Gervais creation.


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