Personal Inspriation

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

My current sources of inspiration/relaxation/loves: Yellow dresses. Mat Kearney. Big, Cheap Sunglasses. Clutches. The Great Gatsby. Purple Nail Polish. Layered Bracelets. Big Purses. Post-it Notes. The Mister. Color Vases. Keys. Scarves. Smiles. Family. Photo Booths. Gypsy Life. Quilts. Being referred to as “Aunt Leigh.” Sunrises. Rings. Books. Trees. Porches. Walks. Yoga. Beaches. Hair. Bike Rides. Bumper Stickers. Yarn. Beads. James Dean. Smell of Babies. Birds Singing. Thrift Stores. Cooking. Bad Reality TV Shows. Candles. Friends. Films. Clean Clothes. Snow Days. Summertime. Dance Parties. Flats. Moms and Dads. Smell of Pipe Tobacco. Headbands. Dive Bars. Blogs. Color Sharpies. Fruits. Techno. Chap-stick. Rocks. Ponds. Tree Houses. Fishing. My Wilma. Veggies. Motorcycles. Tire Swings. Parks. Fresh Cut Grass. Crafting. Weddings. Road Trips. Gum. Maps. Random Visitors. Bobby Pins. Avett Brothers. Kisses. Fireworks. Art Shows. Swimming Pools. Cupcakes. Frozen Grapes. Wine. Earrings. Sleeping. Skirts. Iron and Wine. Knitting. Being Bare Foot. Graffiti. Frogs. Faith. BFFs. Cousins Texting.


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