a cover at Cahoots?!

March 15, 2011 § 6 Comments

This weekend was highly eventful. Friday was spent going to the grocery store with Billie to start our Whole Living Action Plan. After going to two different grocery stores, we finally got everything. As of today, I am two days in and am enjoying it. Minus the fact that it takes me forever to cook the meals.

Saturday was probably the most fun/hectic nights I have had in a long time. First, my beloved UofL Cards lost the Big East Tournament. I was really upset and decided to drink my sorrows away. Then, the Mister, Billie and I had to pay a five dollar cover at Cahoots. Seriously, there is never a cover at this bar. That is part of the charm. I mean, this place is as dive bar as you can get. 1.50$ PBR’s and a men’s bathroom with what the Mister calls a trough, this place charged a 5$ cover?!? It was insane; I mean, a 5$ cover is normally at all the nicer bars. Finally, Alyson was at Lady Gaga so she could not partake with our bar festivities. No worries for us though, the Mister’s co-workers and friends of mine, Albie and Amanda, kept us in good spirits.

excuse the iphone quality photos; i forgot my camera. not to mention i am cut off in this picture. thanks albie….

At this point, it is best to sum up the rest of the night in bullet points:

  • A shot glass is dropped on my hand, causing it to swell immediately.
  • I accidentally run Billie into a trash can.
  • Auto-glass is outlawed from being the subject of conversation next weekend (The Mister owes me a date night for this)
  • Back alley ways are created for one reason and one reason only.
  • Albie and Amanda’s bathroom has seen better days (2/3 people recommend it)
  • Albie and Amanda became my new heroes at 5am.

§ 6 Responses to a cover at Cahoots?!

  • brittany says:

    Was there a band playing? If so there is always a cover when bands are there or a DJ. If not i might take my business else where…..that is bullshit.

    • leigh says:

      yea there was a band playing. every time i have gone and there has been a band playing in the back, you only have to pay if you are going to the back. on sat night, we were outside the entire time so it kinda sucked to pay five dollars just to get drinks at the bar.

      miss you

  • Bear says:

    thank god they have a cover!!! omg u know why this makes me happy!!

  • brittany says:

    I’m feeling a little optimistic about the cover as well, in hopes that it will convince our friends to try something else for a change. I love cahoots but I also love a lot of other places too.

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