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March 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

The last weekend of Spring Break totally made up for the first weekend of Spring Break. On Friday, I spent the night just relaxing with the Mister. We watched some trash tv and headed to bed early. Our Friday night routine tends to stick to easy dinner, trash tv and early bed time. I really enjoy having such an quiet evening.

On Saturday while the Mister worked his butt off, I took the time to enjoy the amazing weather. Alyson and I had a coffee date with her dog-child, Mojo. We went to our normal coffee shop, Heine Brothers, and spent the time chit-chatting while drinking coffee and ice tea outside.

Mojo was such a good dog.  He sat next to us the whole time and just practiced being adorable. Alyson allowed Mojo to chew on a tree, which was just planted, right in front of the manager of Heine Brothers, while he was giving in interview. Yea, she is silly.

We spent our time discussing the pitfalls of school, our dreams of free-time, hometown gossip and weddings. We are women, and is it not every girls dream of having a beautiful wedding? Alyson and I figured out what our colors would be. Her’s: black and maybe red but definitely silver shoes. Mine: yellow and gray with hints of a teal or olive green. Needless to say, we are both on a wedding-inspiration-search kick now.

That night, the Mister and I had a date night planned for the entire week. I was super excited and could not wait to go out to eat and not cook!! I was dressed super cute, if i do say so myself, and was finishing up my make-up while talking to my sister when the Mister finally got home. He explained that his Company had met the goal sales for that day, so his boss wanted to treat everyone to a cookout for all their hard work. As much as I wanted to go out to eat, just the two of us, I knew it would be so much more fun for the both of us if we went to the cookout. I used my powers of persuasion to convince the Mister we needed to go. I thought it would be good for him to hang out with all his co-workers outside the office, and I wanted to meet his co-works and finally put a face to the name. Not to mention, it was going to be free food and drinks!? We are a poor, young couple….this is not something we should be passing up, especially if it was a reward for hard work.

I have meet two of the Mister’s co-worker and their girls before, so I was assuming they would be there to represent the women. As soon as the Mister and I got there, I realized that I would be the sole female with roughly 15 males for the night. Sure this was intimating at first, but all the boys made me feel extremely welcome and by the end of the night we were laughing like old friends.

The food was amazing! Chicken and burgers, you just cannot beat it. I also had my first burger in over 15 years; it was good. However, I had not eaten all day, and it was about 930p.m., so it could have just been hunger that made the burger taste so delicious. :0) After we stuffed out faces, we headed to some of the guys apartment so they could get ready for a night on the town. We continued to pre-game a bit, called a cab, made lots of Jersey Shore references and decided that it was best if we split into two groups for the night. Five of the guys and myself headed to Cahoots and the rest headed to a dance club type bar.

I had an amazingly fun time with these boys. We joked on random drunk people, saw a good friend of mine, (Leslie and her friend Ryan (a girl) played wing man for a co-worker of the Mister’s for Ryan’s number, watched a bartender have a power trip, see old friends and watch a guy get into a bloody fight. Although the fight part was not a highlight of my night, by any means, it was nevertheless a very eventful and fun weekend.

Corey’s pin says “My Pleasure.” I loved it.

All of the guys minus Luis.

Finally on Sunday, the Mister and I woke up kind of early for getting in late. Ate lunch and curled back into bed to watch “3rd Rock from the Sun” and nap. About two hours into our nap/tv time, the Mister’s mom called to say she was going to cookout for family dinner. I was so ecstatic to have two cookouts in one weekend!!! I could not believe it. It was a wonderful way to end my Spring Break.


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