nothing better

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

If I had to pick an album to listen to for the rest of my life, I am almost positive that it would be The Postal Service’s “Give Up.” It holds so many remarkable memories for me. It was gifted to me by the wonderful Alyson during our sophomore year of high school. I recall days of driving in my car, just the two of us, blaring the song, windows down on one-lane country roads. I remember analysis every. single. word. from the songs. I remember listening to it when I saw that guy and instantly felt compelled to be near him all the time. (yea…it was the Mister 🙂

It is not my favorite album nor favorite band. The fact is I have such fond memories with “Give Up” playing in the background, that I cannot ever be without it. I never tire of it. I still listen to it about once a month. There aren’t many artists that I listen to where I genuinely love every single song, except with The Postal Service. I know everyone has heard a song by them, or at least I would hope you have. Today I am feeling nostalgic though. Sometimes I just need to be taken back to the wonderful age of 16.

My favorite song off of “Give Up”: “Nothing Better.”

one more just because :0)


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