going to grandma’s house

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Until school is finished in April (hello graduation!), I am not working on Wednesdays. I have a ton on my plate to get finished in four weeks; it is a little overwhelming. To help ease my stress, I called my Gma and asked if we could have a lunch date. My Gma is nothing less than spectacular. I ran to grab us some Panera Bread…yummy. Lunch was the perfect break in between research and writing. She was not feeling well, so I did not stay long.

Gma sent me home with some new books that I cannot wait to read. I am pretty sure that every Grandma out there tries to send their grandchildren home with food, money, clothes and miscellaneous household items. Today was no different. My Gma tried to send me home with a bag of onions, several books (I ended up taking two), some tools and some records (I took a few).  No matter how down in the dumps I am, my Gma can make me feel so much better. I love her.

My Gma and little brother, Will, at Christmas 2010. Can you believe she is 84?


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