serrrrriously. seriously.

April 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

Nothing beats a stressful week ending with a friend coming to visit and going out for a night on the town. I know I am starting to sound like a broken record with my stress, but it is basically crunch time at school. I have four weeks left til graduation; it is beginning to sink that I am going to have to get the big girl job, find a big girl apartment (maybe) and think about things like 401k’s and stock market options. Eek! It is a little overwhelming, especially due to the fact that my father is a financial genius, he is expecting me to be on top of my game. Everything is scary. I am not too worried though because I have some of the greatest friends alive.

For the first time in maybe three years, my lovely Katie got to have a girls night, which was not at her house and was not interrupted by babies. It was fantastical. We talked religion, politics, cameras, nursing in public, babies in general, weddings (Yea, I know. Embarrassing that I am still on it. Cool.), sister wives and drunken college stories. The Mister got off work early, so he got to be included in the girl talk. Which is really nothing new to him. So Friday was filled with a little bit of homework, a little bit of wine and lots of girl time. The Mister and I also got really good at making pretty cocktails.I woke up and worked on a paper regarding paternity Saturday morning. Not a fun subject to say the least…then met with my mock trial team. We accomplished so much. I was thrilled to get some of my worry of homework off my back. The night was going to be so busy for the Mister and I. For one, we were going out with a girlfriend of mine and lots of the Mister’s co-workers. Over the course of the past few weeks, I have grown to adore these boys (Mister works with about 15 guys). Sometimes I feel like a surrogate mother to them when they ask me to fix their clothes while out, make dinner for them, etc. Other times I feel like one of the guys-especially when I wingman.

Prior to going out, my upstairs neighbor, Darren, brought me some Chinese tea. (Thanks Darren!!) It is no secret that I love tea, hence the blog’s name. I am positive I have never had any authentic Chinese tea so I was really thrilled.  Not to mention that the tin is to die for pretty. I almost don’t want to drink it because it is so gorgeous.On to the night life of the Mister and I, which really is not much of a nightlife. The short story is I had a blast. The Mister and I typically stick to dive bars or going to a friend’s house. We are not really the big club, dance type of couple by any means. Only problem with this weekend is that all of our friends that we were going out with go to the big dance club type places. The Mister and I figured why not. Let’s go out and try something out of our element. We did and we had some much fun. I did not bring my purse so a camera was not really an option. We had so much fun. I cannot say that I will be at a dance club every weekend or even once a month, but it was good to try something different. It was even better that we ended up enjoying ourselves.


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