Phone Photo Dump

April 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

Billie left a note with an owl for me in my Criminal Litigation notes.

Okay, no joke, this is a weave. It was in my firm’s parking lot one morning. Ahhh, the adventures of law work.

Dinner one night: baked salmon, lentils and lettuce. Surprisingly good.

Further adventures in law work: my boss, a 50-something male, yelled that there was a “rat” in his office. Notice the baby mouse in the trash can. Yes, I, a 20-something female, had to catch the critter because the boss was too scared.

Dinner another night: lentils and red onions with beets on top.

Sign in the bathroom at University of Louisville

My St. Patty’s day drink. I had class so green beer was not in the schedule for me. Instead, I used my skills of improv with liquor and Mountain Dew. It turned out more teal than anything.

I made my green drink with Mountain Dew from dinner and this blue stuff.

8 hours to move files that need to be destroyed at my firm. This is only a 1/4 of everything I moved. To give you an idea of the pile size, the files were up to my hips, and I am 5’9.

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