the story of us

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today marks another year that the Mister and I have spent together. I kind of wanted something special the two of us could do this weekend. However, it is also Easter weekend and the weekend before my last finals (sweetness!), I doubt we will do anything romantic or special. Instead, I thought I would give you the condensed story of us. I doubt you wanted to read about 7 years of relationship and the year it took us to get it together…so, without dragging on about nothing, here it goes.

I changed schools my freshman year of high school. Excitement and terror consumed me for the first few weeks. Not only was I going to go to high school, but I was walking into the halls of my first public school ever. It was overwhelming. Luckily, I already knew two girls, Billie and Alli. (Little did I know that Alli and I would be “family” years down the road.) Both offered different types of comfort and support throughout the years. Both held me when I cried and laughed with me until we cried. With their help, the first year of high school went smooth. I was figuring out the morning routine with the lack of a uniform, finding out which individuals really connected with me on a personal basis and coming to terms with finding myself.

Sophomore year proved to me that there were people in my school with very similar tastes, I just had to find them…mostly in either the theater or newspaper room. After that, I was set to experience one of the most amazing two years of my life.

It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year when I first recall meeting him. When I first laid eyes on him, I immediately wanted to be near this guy. I did not know a thing about him, but he was going to be near me, we were going to talk, I was going to get inside the person that was shielded by a black hat, black tee, jeans and heavy sideburns. His presence was overwhelming and enchanting all at the same time. Wherever this kid was going, I wanted to be right there by his side.

We had mutual friends, and when I went into that girl mind-set of finding out every. single. thing. about him, it was all the same information from each person: he hasn’t dated anyone in years, he is doing his own thing right now, he isn’t looking for a relationship. I felt defeated even before he knew I was interested in him. Here was this guy that I literally knew nothing about, but had to be by his side, either as his friend or girlfriend. And then it happened. To this day, I do not know who made the first move, but somehow we ended up hanging out. At the end of the night, I had a Sharpie and a deck of cards in my purse; he didn’t have a cellphone. I wrote my number down on the Joker for him. He promised to call. I took his ring as collateral. Getting out of his car was extremely hard; I didn’t want the night to end. My heart jumped; my stomach turned. It was exhilarating.He called the next day while I was at a friends house. I stepped outside and an hour later my friends came looking for me. It would not be for another few days before I would see him; the waiting was unbearable. Until he showed up at my work the next night. (I was working two different jobs, at a local pharmacy and our town’s movie theater.) When I finished closing down the stations at the movie theater, he was there, waiting at my car. I smelled like popcorn, had butter down my shirt, but I felt beautiful. We sat outside on the curb and talked until 5am.

The next day, we were inseparable. We talked non-stop. After school but before work, I would be with him for the 45 minutes in between. I would work my two hour shift at the pharmacy (crappy hours, I know) and there he would be waiting by my car, just to give me a kiss goodnight before I left to do homework. He would call me in the mornings on the way to school to tell me my song was on the radio. He kept the Joker and my picture on his dashboard in his car. We would looked at the stairs at night. He took care of me during times of illness. I meet his family; he played with my little brother and sister in our pool.I had never felt a love like his. I did not care that I was 17. I knew I loved him. I told him first. He was scared. It was too soon for him. But this was the most real thing I knew. We had our moments of doubt, fear and abandonment. Yet, through it all, he was mine and I was his. Every time I was introduced as his girlfriend, my heart leaped. Older girls hate me because I got him when they had tried for years. My girlfriends stood by my side and said our love would conquer their hate.I never truly thought that 2005 would be the year I would find my one. I was extremely young, but it does not matter because he is my one. He is the backbone to me. I wake up for his smile and cheeky laugh. I long to hear what new information he learned for the day, to listen to new music from far away places, that I would never dream of enjoying. He keeps my soul alive, and I thank God every day for making him for me. I think outside of the box because of him. I rejoice at knowledge and trying new things because he challenges me. He is more than my best friend, support system, companion, kindred soul and better half. He is the sparkle in my eye and the goodness within me.


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