Wednesday Wants: Travel

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Mister and I have one pre-planned tripped in the works for this summer (fingers crossed we hit this goal). I love taking road trips. The last road trip the Mister and I went on, we went gem mining in Franklin, North Carolina. It was so much fun! Eight hours in the car with my Mister, Red Bull, Beef Jerky and George Noory. We have such a good time driving at night listening to Coast to Coast and talking about all kinds of hopes and dreams for our future. Well, I guess the last road trip we took was when Porter was born, but that was only a two hour drive. North Carolina was eight hours and  such an amazing experience! It was so much fun to travel to the same places we were watching on the Travel Channel.

This summer we are talking about heading to Alabama to visit his cousins Susann and Lee and their two children. His cousins are very welcoming and extremely friendly. Not to mention Lee is South African; it is neat to hear his stories from home. We also want to head up to Cincinnati to try to see Travis a weekend or two while Brittany is off traveling the country performing color guard (more on that later). I miss these two individuals like crazy. After a long phone date with Brittany today, my want need for a road trip to visit the Mister’s family and our friends is on the back of my mind even more than before. I cannot wait. Hopefully we will be able to get away for a weekend or a couple of weekends this summer. Traveling is such a great way to really get to know someone and renew ones self. Luckily for the Mister and I, we never end up killing each other when stuck in a car for a long period of time together :0)



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