phone photo dump

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every month I have been dumping the photos that I take on my phone. The Mister and I send each other roughly 2 photos a day each of different/funny/strange things we come across. Because of this daily ritual, I have acquired a ton of photos on my phone. I really honestly need to dump them once a month for space. I figured, when I dump them, I might as well share them all with you.big hairthe doodles after learning that one adult can legally adopt another adult in kentuckyflowers “sent” to me by the MisterMister brought me a fortune cookieEaster picture from the Misterlearn about Ball tha Bad Guy heregood luck charm (from Alyson) for mock trial dayceiling at work after all the raingifts from Darren while he was doing scholarly things abroad (Thanks again, Darren!)this was on a car outside Denny’s after the Mister and i ate dinner one night. swear


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