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May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I mentioned, this weekend was filled with some moments of disappointment, but it was also filled with celebration, not only because it was Derby.The Mister and I had big plans for the weekend because I had an extra day off. On Friday we were suppose to go out with his co-workers for dinner and bowling. That did not happened. We knew that on Saturday we were going to Derby with Derek and his two children (Carrie had to work at Derby), so we just went to sleep early in preparation for the long day on Saturday. Derby did not work out either. There was a little bit of rain. Norah and Harvey, Derek’s children, were not really feeling Derby. It ended up being for the best though because a 5 month old and a 4 year old with a crown of 164,000+? That is not really an easy thing to accomplish. We opted for a BBQ and watching the races at his house, of course with some online gambling.

The Mister and I were greeted by this cutie early in the morning. Isn’t Norah’s hair to die for?The necessities for a tasty BBQ sauce, minus the coffee.The Chef for the day, Derek. Excuse my hair, it was raining. Harvey was born 5 weeks early; he is a fat boy now. I cannot believe it. Seriously. A cutie. Derek and the Mister joke that they are the ultimate best friends because Derek’s first born was born on the Mister’s birthday. It is really neat; Norah and the Mister are “birthday buddies.”Super tasty and extremely bad for you…the way I like my meals :0)This warms my heart.

To give a little background information for the next set of disappointments, Derek and Carrie live about 8 minutes from me. The two of them and I both live about 2 miles from Churchill Downs, where Derby and Oaks are held. Last year, the Mister and I headed to Derek’s after the Derby race finished, and it took us an hour and a half. This year we left Derek’s house two hours after the Derby race because we needed to get ready to go out with Alyson and Adam for her last hooray before an intense nursing program. This is where you cue sad music. I was so excited to go out, and the Mister was interested because we were going to a new bar. Then it happened: traffic. We could not believe there was so much traffic two hours after the race. It took us two hours just to get home from Derek’s. That’s right my friends, to travel about 3.5 miles it took two hours. Also, I was extremely close to hitting one of the National Guardsmen that was directing traffic. Oops. He crossed a 4-lane road in front of a bus, so he literally came out of nowhere because his body was blocked. I felt awful and said sorry about 20 times in a row to him. He said everything was fine. I think the Guardsman knew that he might have made a mistake, and it could have been a lot worse.

By the time the Mister and I got home, it was too late to get ready and turn back around on the road. I was frustrated and secretly teared up. I felt like an awful friend and was defeated from all the disappointment that occurred throughout the weekend, even if I was able to enjoy the weekend for the most part. After some kind words from the Mister and a beer, I felt better. We went ahead and fell asleep early because of the Mother’s day/Will’s 18th birthday/parent’s 25th anniversary brunch the next day, more on this later.

Even though nothing worked out the way I planned this weekend, I can still rest assure that my friendships have not altered. My friendships are not defined with how many or how often I go out to the bars and party. The loved ones that surround me understand that I do not have the means to go out and spend money on drinks all the time. They also know me and know that I am not a huge partyer. I have more fun playing boardgames at a friend’s or my house with a case of PBR. I lead a simplistic life, and I have friends that love me despite the unannounced problems that force cancellations as well loving me even though we have different interests.


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