happy birthday

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today is Adam (Alyson’s boyfriend) and Will’s birthday. I am still in shock that my baby brother is now 18 years old. He is officially a man and making sure the world knows that he is not a kid anymore. Will is one of the most interesting and charming individuals out there. You will be annoyed to the death by him. However in an instance, the kid man charms you like Eddy Haskell. Will is a natural comedian. He has on several occasions made me laugh until my face hurt from smiling. He also does not know how to practice modesty (see photo below of Will checking himself out in a mirror off in the distance while Allison is talking), but then again I do not think any of my parent’s children are lacking in the self-esteem department. Anyway, sending him wish birthday wishes this morning was a little heart-breaking. I still look at him as this adorable little monster full of energy and life, not a 6’1 energetic man. He was constantly making us laugh growing up and talked non-stop. He is the baby of the family and lives up to every stereotype associated with being the baby.This weekend after was not only a celebration for the Moms out there, but also my little brother’s birthday. We had his favorite foods: red beans and rice along with shrimp jambalaya. He picked out an ice-cream cake to hold his candles as he made a wish. Will seemed to get all the gifts that he asked for and for the sake of sanity, Allison, Will and I got along. (This is a rare event. Most times my parents have to give a lecture before any dinner party because we still pick on each other like we are 10.)Gifts were opened and then it was time to begin our family tradition of arcade games for money. My older brother, Drew, and Will constantly play ping-pong, pool, foosball, pac-man, air hockey…whatever is in my parents’ basement for cash money. It always starts the same: one dollar bets soon become two or more dollar bets which slowly move into bets if they get a certain amount of points in 10 seconds and so forth. Oh, and some how Will always ends up with his shirt off. Truthfully, I think he would walk around in public with just his boxers on if he could.Happy birthday Kelso! You are definitely one in a million.


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