bad girls club

May 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes a girl just needs to veg out on a couch with some bad reality tv. Embarrassingly, this girl tends to watch bad reality tv too much all the time. I am not ashamed to admit that I watch reality tv because I also watch educational tv like Weird Weekends. Yet, this is still really pathetic; I am an addict. I am addicted to the “Bad Girls Club.” Eek! I know. To be fair, there has been six seasons, and I have only watched two seasons. My addiction began after watching an episode with my sister. (She lives for reality tv.) All it took was one girl’s trademark phrase, and then I was hooked.

Season 4 was fantastic. It was dramatic and insane. That was two years ago though. I am talking today about Season 6 that just wrapped up. It was even more dramatic, fight-fueled and insane than the season when they were “running LA.” I am getting ahead of myself. Let me break down what BCG is all about.  Seven rebellious or “bad girls” move into a mansion to live together. The problem is that each person comes from a different background, there are many different race and sexual orientations. These girls must learn how to handle random changes in mood and behavior.  Also, there is not suppose to be any physical violence, but I am pretty sure there was a fight every single episode. Oh and each girl is suppose to learn and grow from this experience. Yea, I did not really understand this point either?

Now, typically a girl leaves the club because it is too much to handle, and a new girl comes to the BGC home to take her place. It happens maybe once. This season, they had 3 replacements all of which ended up leaving the house as well. So in total, there were seven girls that left this house this particular season because it was too much drama. Honestly, watching it, I do not blame these girls at all.

One of the original bad girls from this season who ended up staying until the end, Lauren, was from Kentucky. Of course, I had to watch the show to represent. I mean, country girls have to stick together. (Are you buying that or should I just swallow my pride and admit to watching?) She quickly became my favorite because she did not purposely start drama, was genuinely sweet and held her own when need be…oh and she is from the bluegrass state. Her sense of humor was unique, and she was educated. One of my favorite moments is when Lauren is being called a hillbilly by this chic from Chicago name Jess. I have always been called a hillbilly. If you do not know what a hillbilly is, let me explain. A hillbilly is a Southerner who goes barefoot, drinks whiskey, (SIDENOTE: Kentucky hillbillies will drink Bourbon because it was created in KY.) plays the banjo, has bad teeth and is poorly educated. Jess constantly referred to her as a hillbilly and how she does not like hillbillies. In the same episode, Jess has a difficult time learning what defines a noun, adverb, subject and syllable. It just made me laugh so hard because Lauren was anything but a hillbilly. She even tells a male visitor that she has never seen a cow before.

This show was hilarious. I loved being able to sit in front of the tv after a hard day at school/work and not think at all. I do not think that it kills braincells watching mindless television, but then again, I could be wrong. Either way, for something that takes zero effort to watch or simply just background noise, BGC is the show.


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