oh geeze

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, like a lot of the Midwest, I have been plagued with storms this weekend and will continue to get them this week. It has messed up my internet connection and will cause the normal scheduled posts to be off by a day. Oh Mother Nature. However, I did have two beautiful days this weekend of sunshine basking on my skin. Yesterday was glorious outside during the day while I was stuck in my office. After work though, I had a long converstation with Alyson about how the lack of clean clothes in my house trumps my ability to go lay out with her, I found the skies becoming black not even half an hour after I got of the phone with her. A storm was coming and coming fast.


Typically I do not mind storms so I was not that shaken up about it. Until, the weather channel decided to interrupt my beloved Judge Judy. This does not settle well for me. There are a few little things you need to know: do not ever, ever mess with my TV programming, especially “Judge Judy” and “Law and Order,” I need constant background noise/white noise and finally, I hate doing laundy.

Now, back to this storm. The weather was reporting hail, torandoes and all of that other jazz. I was concerned because the Mister spends majority of his work day outside. I never get that nervous about storms unless my power goes out, and I did not think anything major was going to happen because I got a text from the Mister saying he was fine, my laundry was still going and I was still able to watch Judge Judy online. As I am getting comfortable on my couch with some tea and justice in the courtroom, the power goes out. Everything is fine I keep telling myself. The lights will come on in a minute or two. Try 2 hours later.

I still have no power, am alone and have 3 loads of laundry left. However, my car is protected from the hail due to the Mister calling and telling me what to do. (Sometimes I really have no clue what I would do without him.) After 2 hours without power the Mister finally gets back from the office and out of the storm to come be with me, but it was 8 p.m. at this time and hunger took over. We have been working towards saving money for a move so fast food was out of the question for us, not to mention there is a massive storm in the area. Instead of complaining, we lit the only candles in the whole house, a total of three, and ended up doing a little chit-chatting, reading and playing games on the phone. The last hour without power was a lot more pleasant than I expected because I had my love with me. Let’s just hope tonight the power does not go out again.


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