wednesday wants: glasses

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Confession: You can call me four-eyes because I got ’em glasses.Yes, I always look that happy and pretty when I wear my glasses. Also, it is hard to keep up all my modeling gigs with that face of mine.

In all seriousness, about three years ago whenever I would read longer than ten minutes, I would have to stop because of a terrible headache. My mom told me I had to go get my eyes checked. This started a mini-blow up in my mom’s face. I am talking I went from a 20 year-old lady to a 2 year-old throwing a tantrum. 20/15 was always my vision. So I never bothered to get my eyes checked up regularly; my mother never bothered to take me because I would freak out when they tried to blast that “air” in my eye. (I have a theory on this “air” getting shot in your eye…) She must have been pretty embarrassed. Haha. Well skip on forward to 15 years later, and I still freaked out about that air test. In all fairness, I did warn the nurse and eye doctor that I do not handle things shooting at my eye very well.

The doctor told me I wore my eyes out. WTF right? Turns out, if you read a larger amount than what the doctor called normal, (my average at that time because of school and work was about 20 hours of small printed words per week and 25 hours on a computer screen) you can burn your eyes out. My eyes are about double my age, and I have astigmatism. Since I have not had my eyes checked since that horrid day, it is time I get my eyes checked and new glasses. Here are some styles I am thinking about.



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