picnic time

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

As you know, last Friday I treated my sister to the Zac Brown Band concert. The night was spent filling our stomachs up with Taco Bell, waiting in line for an hour people watching, talking about our boys, making fun of others dancing, laughing at people, watching long hair hippies play music, enjoy some good ol’ country music and make it home before midnight. The beginning of my Memorial weekend was successful.

Saturday morning was scheduled to be a photo shoot with Katie but that was pushed back because of babies being born! Instead I made pasta salad for a picnic our friends were throwing. I was jumping up and down like a little kid in a candy shop when the Judahs told me they were planning a picnic. If you recall, it was not that long ago the Mister claimed there was never a reason to picnic because we have tables. Well we had tables for this picnic, but hey we cannot win them all. I suppose it was like a compromise? He went to a picnic for me, and I ate at a table for him at the picnic…does that count as compromising? There were so many friends there I have not seen in months, so majority of the time was spent catching up, watching a friend’s cutie pie daughter (Rowan…love her name!) and eating way too much food. I think I went into a food coma that night while playing this game called HISS with Derek, Carrie and the Mister. HISS is most definitely a children’s game…there’s no shame in my game! Not to mention, Carrie and I got way too into the game and tried to skip Derek and the Mister’s turns. We might be competitive.

Like every Sunday, we had dinner with the Mister’s family. I remember eating lunch every Sunday after church with my family and loving the chance to eat out. My family stopped doing this when some of us kiddos started getting our part-time jobs, yet I still missed that time with my family. Even now, all of my siblings schedules are so different or hectic, we have a hard time just getting together on the holidays. Sunday dinners with the Mister’s family gives me a sense of family stability that I miss in my own family because our lives are so busy. I am not saying my family would not be there for me in a heart beat if I needed them; it is just nice to have a sit down, big family meal once a week. It gives me the undying love and acceptance I need to make it through to the next week. I am so blessed to have a family of my own that is so loving as well as the Mister’s family.

Anywho, did not mean to completely change the happy-go-lucky tone there…on Monday, it was off to the track! Derek called the Mister and I in the early morning (truthfully, it was 1030am…we are not morning people) to wake us up and see if we were willing to go to the horse track with him. We decided it was not a bad idea to get out of the house and enjoy the weather on our day off. We got to the track in the early afternoon, said hello to Carrie in her office, had a few beers, people watched again (I love it!) and place a few bets. The Mister and I are not gamblers by any means; so we did not place any bets. However, it is still fun to go enjoy something different. Plus, it is always nice to have free entertainment. The weekend came to an end with a BBQ at Derek’s, some HISS at my house and then an early bed time. All in all, I had a fantastic weekend.


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