Dancing the night away

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

My little brother graduated!! It has always been a joke in my family that he may not make it, but that little booger proved us all wrong! Not only did he graduate, he graduated cum laude. Such a smart guy. Like the true goof ball he is, (he was voted Class Clown) he did the stanky leg down the stage. It was entertaining and spiced up what could have been a very boring ceremony. I did not get any photos of him…I am a horrible sister, I know. Also, I did bounce a little early. After I watched all the kids that I have seen grow up get their diploma, I high tailed it out of there because I was going out with some of my absolute favorite people. I might have been super excited and my butt might have been numb from those gym seats!

I came home to a sleeping Mister and a little bit of a messy house. Is it just every man’s duty to create a mess within the first 5 minutes they walk into a home? I cannot wrap my mind around how this is even possible? I decided to pick up a little bit while discussing with Alyson the plan for the night. We decided on a local bar called the Monkey Wrench that has a huge patio. The entire second floor is open patio with a full bar and giant Red Bull umbrellas. There is not a plan in the works to figure out how to obtain one of these said umbrellas….Perfect for the summer get togethers. Per usual, we were all late so we took a few shots to catch up with Nathan. The highlights of the Monkey Wrench included getting the stink eye from strangers convinced Alyson was actually a Courtney, running into my dear friend Mike, comparing drivers license photos and shoe wear. The conversation quickly turned into a negotiation agreement. Deciding if we would continue to have a chill night or move onto a club with dancing. I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I was blessed with two left feet, and the Mister is about as white as you can get on the dance floor, so I was not up for this plan. Nathan and Alyson on the other hand? They morph into this two-headed dancing beast, and I am not exaggerating. It is insane. They start out just moving their hips to the music then all of a sudden they both have about 2 pairs of arms and legs each. I do not know where it comes from. Eventually, I caved; I said let’s go dancing. Upon arrival at le club, I knew I needed to put on my dancing shoes and go with it. Adam fueled me with some liquid courage, the Mister’s buddy Mike arrived so he would not be solo at the table and I got my ABBA on and became a dancing queen. Needless to say, we danced all those calories off from our drinks and helped shut the bar down. It was so much fun, and do I dare say that I will be returning to the dance floor soon. Maybe I will even be able to drag the Mister into the crowd as well.


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